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  • There is a $50 rush fee for all images to be completed 2-3 business days. 

    There is an additional $50 fee for all Sunday appointments.

    There is an additional $50 fee for Saturday appointments after 4:00pm except for Prom, Events and Sneaker Ball.

However, I would like to emphasize that, based on my experience, I do not recommend opting for long lashes for the photoshoot. While lashes can enhance the overall look, excessively long lashes may pose challenges during photography. The below make up artisits.You must travel to their location.

  • Specializes in photo-friendly makeup.

  • Has a portfolio of successful photoshoot collaborations

  • Known for creating camera-ready looks.

  • Experienced in working on various photoshoots.

Makeup Artist
*Destiny Martin

*Dominique Walton

*Tammy Humphrey
*Emily Amos 

*Jamira Smith 

*Brittany Cole

*Jada Juhan

Brandon Jordan

Additional FAQs

Q: Does Sat Jaes Photography offer prints out
A: All images are digital. The photographer will send you a link to view your images and the client is responsible for downloading the images for FREE. The client also has the option to purchase the images from the site in which the photos will be mailed directly to the client home. Also the client can download the images and take them to their local print shop such as Walmart, CVS, Walgreen etc. and receive print outs that way. It is very important that the client download and save the images

  Q: How many outfits can I change into
A: The number of outfits is based on the time slot that you have booked for. you can change as many outfits as possible for the time they have booked. Your time starts from the time your appointment is booked for example if you book for 1:00 pm time the timer will start at 1:00 and ends at 2:00 if you book for an hour session. It is important that you plan accordingly.

Q: How many poses or pictures do I get?
 A:  depends on the cooperation of the client



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