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Additional FAQs

Q: What color backgrounds to you have?
A:White, Canary (Yellow) and Blue Jay(blue) these color will allow up to 7people 
Also we have Red, Pink, and Brown which will allow up to 3 people 
Please visit my photography page on Facebook to view the different colors.

Q: Does Sat Jaes Photography offer prints out?
A: All images are digital. The photographer will send you a link to view your images and the client is responsible for downloading the images for FREE. The client also has the option to purchase the images from the site in which the photos will be mailed directly to the client home. Also the client can download the images and take them to their local print shop such as Walmart, CVS, Walgreen etc. and receive print outs that way. It is very important that the client download and save the images.

Q: How many outfits can I change into
A: The amount of outfits is based on the time slot that you have booked for your session. You can change as many outfits as the time allows. Your time starts at the time you book your appointment.  For example, if you book for 1:00 pm the timer will start at 1:00 and ends at 2:00 if you book for an hour session. It is important that you plan accordingly and arrive 10-15 minutes early (Earlier if you have to get dress)

Q: How many poses/pictures do I get?

A: The amount of poses/pictures depends on the cooperation of the client

Q: Can I change or add on a session the day of my shoot?

A: Any changes/or add on will result in an additional fees

Q: Can I bring props?
A: If you  booked a session that does not includes props you are more than welcome to bring any props with you the days of the shoot

Q: When is the remaining balance due?

A: The remaining balance for photo shoots are due the day of your shoot. The remaining balance for for events such as baby showers, banquets, dinners etc is due 2 days before the shoot. Balance for weddings are due 30 days from the date of your wedding.

Q: What's included in the Birthday Shoot Premium
A: Throne Chair, Balloons, number balloons, and other items that fits the theme of your shoot. It is very important that you have a consultation with the photographer to discuss your vision.

Q. What's Included in the Birthday Shoot Deluxe. 
A: Throne Chair, Balloons, number balloons, and other items that fits the theme of your shoot. Along with a professional MUA 

Q: I schedule and outdoor shoot but what if it inclement weather on the day of my shoot
A: Your shoot may be move indoor if and only if its not an inconvenience for the photographer or your may reschedule your appointment which ever one is within reason for the photographer and client.

Q. What comes with the Kids Premium Birthday Shoot
A: A theme decoration, possibly a throne chair. What ever the photographer feels that will give the best look with the theme of the shoot. 

Q:What comes with the $125 (max of two shoot)
A: The photographer only provides the color back drops

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